Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Street Pharm the life of a drug dealer. As good as it seemed with all the cash flowing in on Ty Johnson there were many things he had to overcome through out the novel. He was shot twice in a drive by, he lost one of his good friends that cared about him Sonny, he lost the only girl that he ever cared about, he started to go to school but left because he was more focused on the money he was making and he distanced himself from his mother and this was all because of the drugs. At the end of the novel Ty finally realizes that no one lasts in this business and it just a matter of time before hes gone like Sonny, he stops selling drugs and trys life the fair way without the easy money. The novel ends with him going back to school and a peachy little thing with him and Alyse get back together. I expected the novel to go out in a big bang with alot of people dying because it got pretty crazy near the end to the point you just want to read more but it didnt happen. The author could have made a bit more action happen at the end which could have left room for another book. I think the end was a bit idealistic because he quits selling the drugs not only for the girl but himself too and thats a good because it took alot of things to happen to him to realize what he was doing and it was getting him no where in life but downhill.

Overall this was a good book I would reccomend this novel to many people because it kinda gives you a taste of what its really like and the conciquences of doing it and what could happen to you. I think the author did this book well and if there was a better ending thought there could have been another book to follow.

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