Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As the novel begins you meet the main character Ty Johnson. Ty is a drug dealer who supplies everyone in his town. He took over for his father who has been teaching him since he was 9 years old. Ty runs the streets in his town and he has his close friend sonny and many people that work under him helping him. Ty lives a normal life and hides his darkside from his mother and many people he knows. he gets transfered to another school because of never being there anyways and is given one last change to finish school. while he is there he meets a girl named alyse that puts him in his place when they first meet. As he sees her more and starts to talk to her he begins to like this girl.

the first initial problem of this novel was tys drug dealing because in the end it is only gonna bring him down and distance him from the people that he cares about.

the main thing that the author does in this novel that keeps it interesting is he presents a situation when you least expect it and ty is forced to make a decision quick and escape it.

Do you think ty johnson will end his drug dealing and change his life around?


  1. I think that Ty will run into problems while he is involved in the drug business. It won't be until he gets really scared that he sees there are better options for him. Since he is a smart kid, he'll hopefully figure it out!

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